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What Is Involved with Applying Bottom Paint to a Seagoing Boat

Last updated 4 years ago

You’ve invested a lot of money into your boat, and you want to get the most out of it for many boating seasons to come. Having a quality coat of bottom paint on the hull not only keeps your boat looking as beautiful as the day you bought it, but also protects it from foreign body growth and other damage. While your boat yard cleans and inspects the hull at final haul, check the bottom of your boat and ask around to determine whether it could use a new coat of paint. Here is what is involved with the process:  

Cleaning It’s in your best interest to clean the hull as soon as you remove your boat from the water. When growth and slime harden onto the bottom of your boat, they become extremely difficult to remove. A quality boatyard will wash the bottom of your boat as soon as it’s hauled, including specialty procedures like manicuring tough growths. Inspect the bottom of your boat before the yard workers are done to make sure no bottom paint has flaked off. If so, have them pressure wash the hull more thoroughly to remove loose paint.

Pre-Paint Preparation If there are areas where the paint job is chipping, you will need to strip the entire bottom of your boat to ensure that the new paint job isn’t damaged as well. This is especially true for incompatible paint types, as you will need to match vinyl, non-vinyl, and soft paints with second coats of the same. A two-inch hook scraper will get the paint off without destroying the gelcoat. Old paint that’s still in good condition only requires sanding before a new layer is applied. If the boat has never been painted, use a de-waxing solvent before sanding the mold release the wax-covered exterior.

At Yarmouth Boat Yard, we not only sell and harbor the finest boats in Maine, we also assure that they are in the best condition in and out of boating season. Call us at (877) 401-3461 to find out more about the world-class boat services provided in our revamped marina along the Royal River, just minutes from Casco Bay.


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